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Marketing Resources for Advisers

Empowering Advisers to Turn Their Expertise into Marketing Assets

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Marketing Guides for Financial Planners

How Financial Planners Can Optimise Their Marketing

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Financial planners can no longer rely on the outdated off-line marketing of the past. Future success depends on using the latest marketing strategies to leverage the adviser strengths of specialist expertise, advice and experience.

The Internet is a rich source of new client opporunities. Use the Blueprint approach to implement the following 6 steps:

(Download the FREE PDF document - Financial Planner's Marketing Blueprint click here. This document provides an overview to implementing the marketing strategies contained in the Guides.) To visit our Shopify store and view the current range of financial planning Guides (both free and for sale) - click here.

Step 1: Download the FREE PDF Guide 1: Financial Planner's QUICK Guide to Goal Setting click here. This explains the key actions for making a practice goal focused.

Step 2: Buy and download Guide 2: Financial Planner's Guide to Completing a Business Planning SWOT Analysis - This Guide provides the tools and actions to set objectives for the practice; conduct a SWOT Analysis, establish projects, and implement actions. Using financial planning examples, this Guide provides the practical materials to establish a clear direction for a financial planning practice. For more information - click here.

Step 3: Buy and download Guide 3: Financial Planner’s Guide to Implementing an Advice Based Practice - Every financial planning practice needs a clearly defined Advice Model that appeals to target clients. This marketing Guide details the steps for establishing a fee-for-advice model that is the foundation for adding value to clients. For more information - click here.

Step 4: Buy and download Guide 4: Financial Planner’s Guide to Positioning and Branding on Advice for Marketing Success - Successful marketing requires clearly defined messages communicated to existing and prospective clients. This Guide details the steps to maximise the effectiveness of all marketing; from branding the practice as a professional advice based firm, through to positioning advisers as experts. For more information - click here.

Step 5: Buy and download Guide 5: Financial Planner’s Guide to Social Media and Internet Marketing - The Internet and social media are essential resources for engaging existing clients, recruiting new clients, and building referral relationships. PDF available soon - to find out more click here.

Step 6: Buy and download Guide 6: Financial Planner’s Guide to Implementing Education Based Marketing - This content marketing strategy is essential for every advice based professional to effectively communicate their expertise and value-adding solutions to clients. For more information - click here.

Not a financial planner! The Advice Marketing Blueprint is a free PDF download for professional advisers. It can be used by accountants, lawyers, architects, consultants, IT specialists, coaches, etc. Any professional who provides advice or intellectual property. Click here to download.

The Get Focused Guide to Business Coaching assists all types of business owners in deciding if they need a business coach, and if so, the type of coaching required. It includes a set of questions and selection criteria for interviewing and choosing the right coach. This comprehensive Guide includes all the materials to identify the right coach for your business. Available as a PDF download. Click here to find out more about this Guide.