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Marketing Resources for Advisers

Empowering Advisers to Turn Their Expertise into Marketing Assets

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Guide 4: Financial Planner's Guide to Positioning and Branding

How to maximise the effectiveness of marketing messages and client communication

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Advisers must optimise their marketing messages. Their expertise, experience and professionalism must be clearly communicated to prospective clients and reinforced with existing clients.

Prospective clients are time poor. Increasingly, they use the Internet to find an adviser, or to validate a word-of-mouth recommendation. How effective and consistent are your on-line marketing messages to prompt prospective clients to engage you?

Be proactive. Use positioning and branding to communicate marketing messages that resonant with clients. Always be demonstrating an understanding of their needs, and featuring the value and benefits of the advice based solutions you provide.

It doesn't matter how exceptional your advice is, if you can't communicate its value or stand out as the 'go-to expert' in your areas of specialisation. This is the 4th of 6 steps in maximising the effectiveness of marketing to create new client opportunities and better engage existing clients.

This Guide explains how to establish a clearly defined personal brand for advisers, and implement a positioning strategy for their practice.

AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY for purchase as a PDF download - click here.

Advisers use personal branding to be positioned as experts on the advice and services relevant to their target clients.

Marketing in the digital age requires consistent positioning and messaging across all on-line profiles and marketing campaigns to build a strong brand and reputation.

This Guide maximises the effectiveness of marketing by explaining:

  • What is positioning for financial planners?
  • How to be positioned against advice and non-advice based competitors
  • How to build on-line marketing assets where target clients are active
  • The Positioning Matrix explained
  • Positioning on the 5 traditional marketing factors
  • How to create a personal brand for an adviser
  • Creating the Client Value Proposition (CVP) for the practice
  • Positioning strategies to generate referrals and Centre of Influence relationships
  • Building a brand through core values
  • A questionnaire to determine how your practice and advisers can benefit from a Positioning Strategy
  • The 4 key steps for positioning and branding a practice (each step is a Chapter with a set of actions to implement)
  • Positioning and branding implementation Checklist

The content is based on two decades of working “hands-on” with financial planners across Australia. It focuses on the key topics for ensuring planners establish a strong positioning and branding strategy to maximise the effectiveness of all marketing.

To obtain a PDF copy immediately - click here.