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Marketing Resources for Advisers

Empowering Advisers to Turn Their Expertise into Marketing Assets

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Marketing Modules for Advisers

Make Your Expertise and Advice a Powerful Marketing Advantage

There are 6 steps to optimise the marketing of your expertise and advice. These steps provide advisers and professional firms with a structured approach to achieving their objectives. Don't miss out on the on-line opportunities to reach and engage prospective clients.

Fast track your success - all the information you need is in this 6 step program. Practical actions with easy to understand instructions. The Modules below provide instructions on how to market advice in the digital age. The first 2 modules are FREE.

The marketing strategies in the 6 step Blueprint are detailed in 9 modules:

Module 1 cover.png Module 2 cover.png Module 3 cover.png Module 4 cover.png Module 5 cover.png

(Images of Modules 1 to 5 currently available for download.)

Module 1: Advice Marketing Blueprint: This FREE PDF download provides a detailed overview of the 6 steps every adviser and professional firm can implement to maximise the effectiveness of their marketing. For additional information and to download a copy, click here.

Module 2: Goal Setting for Marketing Advice: This FREE PDF download explains the types of goals and actions a professional firm implements to have a clear direction and achieve its objectives through marketing initiatives. For additional information and to download your copy, click here.

Module 3: SWOT Analysis Review for Marketing Advice: This Module provides detailed instructions for reviewing the firm and establishing projects so it is able to achieve its goals and marketing objectives. It provides guidelines for conducting the SWOT Analysis, setting priorities, and establishing projects. For additional information on this Module, click here.

Module 4: Advice Model Statement: The Advice Model Statement details the target clients, advice items, proprietary advice process, value-add, and pricing of the firm. It provides the foundation for determining the marketing strategy and delivering value to clients. For additional information on this Module, click here.

Module 5: Positioning Statement for Marketing Advice: Positioning and branding create the marketing messages for the firm. This creates the firm's identity and the competitive advantages on which it competes. This includes the establishment of the Client Value Proposition, Vision and Mission Statements, the Core Values, marketing messages, and marketing for referral sources. For additional information on this Module, click here.

Module 6: Personal Branding for Advisers: Advisers must compete on their areas of specialisation. This Module details the strategies for building an effective personal brand using an Elevator Speech, Influencer Marketing, LinkedIn, publishing educational content, and creating an Adviser Positioning Summary. Be positioned as an expert with your target audiences. For additional information on this Module, click here.

Module 7: On-line Marketing Strategies for Advice: The Internet is an effective means for reaching prospects and creating a strong brand targeted at ideal clients. On-line marketing is more than Search Engine Optimisation, it is understanding the strategies which establish an engaging presence where target audiences are active, and creating on-line marketing assets. For additional information on this Module, click here.

Module 8: Social Media Marketing for Advice: Social media is the most effective means, in terms of engagement and cost, for interacting with existing clients, identifying and reaching prospects, publishing educational content, and building referral networks. Use a time efficient approach to engaging clients and prospects. For additional information on this Module, click here.

Module 9: Education Based Marketing for Advice: Educational content demonstrates the expertise and competencies of advisers. It is published on multiple on-line platforms to create libaries of content that feature in search results and can be shared by existing clients. It reinforces the personal branding of advisers, creates new client opportunities and uses content marketing strategies. For additional information on this Module, click here.

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