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Marketing Resources for Advisers

Empowering Advisers to Turn Their Expertise into Marketing Assets

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Guide 3: Financial Planner's Guide to an Advice Model

How to make your Advice Model a powerful marketing asset

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Before launching a marketing strategy, the financial planner's Advice Model must be fully documented. This Model is the 'what' in the solutions and advice being delivered to target clients.

This Guide, written specifically for financial planners, addresses the key issues for demonstrating and delivering advice to clients. It is the 3rd of 6 steps in implementing the overall marketing strategy.

Advice based clients are the target market for advisers seeking to grow their practices in the high cost, high compliance financial services market. With the disruption happening in financial services it is essential for advisers to effectively communicate their expertise and value-add to target clients.

Its not only a matter of advisers being able to communicate (and market) the value of their advice and fees to existing and prospective clients, it is ensuring their Advice Model is fully developed to deliver high quality advice matched to the needs of target clients.

AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY as a PDF download for purchase. To obtain a copy please click here.

This Guide addresses the key topics for ensuring a practice has a clearly defined Advice Model:

  • How to make the benefits of advice 'tangible' to clients
  • How to establish an advice based practice
  • Demonstrating the value of advice
  • Explaining the true cost of advice to clients
  • The benchmarks for implementing advice
  • Identifying advice based opportunities
  • The challenges for specialist risk practices
  • A questionnaire for assessing how 'advice based' your practice currently is
  • The 6 key steps for implementing an Advice Model
  • Implementation checklist and Advice Model Statement template

The content is based on two decades of working 'hands-on' with financial planners across Australia. It focuses on the key topics for ensuring advisers establish advice based solutions for target clients.

To immediately obtain a copy as a PDF download click here.