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Guide 2: Financial Planner's SWOT Analysis

Written for financial planners to set objectives, review operations, and implement projects to achieve marketing and business objectives.

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This Guide (available as a PDF download) covers more than conducting a SWOT Analysis - it includes how to set long-term objectives and achieve your goals using a project based approach.

Written for financial planners and includes detailed checklists that cover the specific concerns and opportunities for advisers.

This is the 2nd step in the 6 step approach to implementing a powerful marketing strategy for your practice.

AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY as a PDF download - click here.

The contents of this Guide include:

  • Developed over two decades and and proven on dozens of financial planning practices in four states.
  • Uses a proven business planning template to set goals, review the practice with easy step-by-step actions for conducting a SWOT Analysis on the total practice or its key functions, and how to implement projects to achieve goals.
  • Details how to maximise the benefits from a SWOT i.e.;
    • Take advantage of your Strengths
    • Overcome Weaknesses
    • Grasp Opportunities
    • Minimise Threats
  • Lists the key mistakes made by financial planning practice principals/managers that minimise the effectiveness of a SWOT Analysis.
  • Has instructions on how to conduct a brainstorming session.
  • Includes 3 templates - writing long term goals, identifying short term issues and a SWOT Analysis template to complete.
  • Has 3 checklists (over 22 pages) of issues to be considered when reviewing your financial planning practice.

In summary - how to use a business planning SWOT Analysis to dramatically improve the results of your practice.