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Financial Planner's Guide to Education Based Marketing Campaigns

Does your practice effectively communicate its expertise and solutions for clients using education based marketing?

Guide 4 - Financial Planner's Guide to Implementing Education Based Marketing Campaigns_Lo Res.jpg

This fourth and final marketing Guide addresses the opportunity for advisers to use education based marketing campaigns to effectively communicate and demonstrate their expertise and competency to target clients. It is a powerful means of leveraging the unprecedented reach of the internet.

AVAILABLE NOW as a PDF download for $32.95 AUD (includes GST) - to obtain a copy click here

Advisers must demonstrate and communicate their expertise and advice in a non sales based way. Education based marketing (also known as content marketing) s an effective means of doing this. This Guide covers the following topics:

  • Education based marketing explained
  • Viral distribution of content
  • Drip-feed marketing campaigns
  • Can your practice benefit from Education Based marketing?
  • The 6 key steps for education based marketing (each step is a Chapter with a set of actions to implement) are:
    • Step 1: Identify Marketable Expertise and Target Clients
    • Step 2: Determine Campaigns for Clients and Referral Sources
    • Step 3: DetermineTopics and Write Content
    • Step 4: Establish Formats and Distribution Strategy
    • Step 5: Establish Implementation Schedule
    • Step 6: Launch EBM Campaigns and Monitor Progress
  • EBM campaign implementation and checklist
  • EBM project - template

This Guide is based on two decades of working “hands-on” with financial planners across Australia. It focuses on the key topics for ensuring planners effectively communicate their expertise and advice based solutions.