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Advisers Can’t Risk a Passive On-line Presence
Posted on Saturday, 14th April, 2018 at 9:39 PM by Mark Laing - Advice Marketing Strategist 0 Comment

As an adviser, and at the practice-level, if you are not actively developing your on-line presence and using Internet marketing, you are playing a losing game. Whatever the excuses for not doing so, clients are making the Internet and social media networks an essential part of their lives. That’s where they are active and engaged. That’s where advisers and their expertise need to be featured. Growth oriented advisers use the Internet to engage better with existing clients, develop referral sources, and reach new markets. They exploit the reach of the Internet to create advice based opportunities and to distribute educational content at little, or no cost.

Overwhelmingly, the adviser marketing of today is embedded in the comfortable off-line routines of the past, i.e. Outbound Marketing that uses marketing initiated by the practice. Few advisers apply up-to-date, on-line strategies that use content and search engine optimisation as part of an Inbound Marketing strategy. Hence, many client and referral opportunities are missed. A passive website is not a marketing strategy.

The Internet and social media networks are ideal for the core marketing activities of:

  • Publishing shareable content to engage target clients beyond the restricted reach of traditional adviser marketing and client networks. This uses Education Based Marketing.
  • Establishing a strong brand that positions advisers as experts for their chosen areas of expertise and advice. This uses a Positioning Statement and Drip-feed marketing.
  • Having professional profiles with the on-line media where clients are active and paying attention. This is relevant when clients have a need for advice and conduct on-line searches.
  • Interacting with clients, particularly with milestones and other significant events in their lives.
  • Protecting the reputation of the practice and advisers.
  • Building professional business networks and relationships, e.g. LinkedIn for B2B networking.
  • Conducting market research into client needs and advice triggers.
  • Reaching beyond existing client and COI networks.
  • Using Influencer Marketing to engage the on-line gatekeepers for target clients.

These on-line activities provide numerous opportunities for advisers to be front-of-mind with clients. This presence protects their on-line reputation and makes it easy to be found by prospective clients looking for specific areas of expertise and advice.

Marketing restricted to promoting the practice website is a limiting option in an expanding digital world. To find out more on how to implement a proactive on-line presence download the free Marketing Blueprint for financial planners from this website.

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