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The Get FOCUSED Client and Market Positioning Guide

Want your business to have clearly defined brand and marketing messages?

Get FOCUSED Positioning Guide for establishing your business brand and marketing messages - only $9.90

This Positioning Guide makes sure your business maximises the effectiveness of each marketing dollar.

The 'Get FOCUSED Guide to Client and Market Positioning' is a PDF download that gives small business owners the tools to maximise the effectiveness of their marketing investment and build a clearly defined brand. It explains how to identify your target markets and how to tailor your messages to their needs.

This guide answers the following questions:

  • What is positioning?
  • What are the benefits of positioning?
  • Does my business need positioning?
  • How does a business owner determine their positioning criteria and the performance benchmarks?
  • What is the best approach for identifying target clients and markets?
  • How does a business determine its value-add for clients?
  • What are business values and how do I use them to benefit my business?
  • What are the key steps in implementing a positioning strategy?
  • What are the common small business marketing mistakes to avoid?
  • How do I write a Positioning Statement?

The advantages of positioning are:

  • The business has a clearly defined set of clients to target with its marketing.
  • The basis on which the business competes is clearly defined.
  • The effectiveness of marketing expenditure is dramatically improved.
  • Employees and clients know what the business stands for.
  • The 'client experience' is clearly defined.
  • The values of the business are communicated to all stakeholders through a Mission Statement.

This guide contains a detailed explanation of how to write a Positioning Statement.

AVAILABLE in 2018. First edition published for financial planners.