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The Get FOCUSED Education Based Marketing Guide

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Want to be seen as an influencer and expert in your industry?

All you need to know about Education Based Marketing and how to position your business as a specialist on the internet.

The 'Get FOCUSED Guide to Education Based Marketing' is a PDF download to assist small business owners to position themselves as an expert on their chosen topic, or their business as a specialist in its industry.

This Guide answers the following questions:

  • What is Education Based Marketing and what forms can it take?
  • What are the benefits of Education Based Marketing?
  • What is Drip-feed Marketing and how does it work with Education Based Marketing?
  • Does my business need this form of marketing?
  • How can I use Education Based Marketing to target niche clients over the Internet?
  • What are the steps in developing an Education Based Marketing campaign?

The advantages of this form of marketing are:

  • Positions your business as a expert on its chosen topics - even as an educator
  • Ideally suited to being distributed over the Internet
  • Positive form of viral marketing as clients will forward it to their networks
  • Inexpensive form of marketing that has a long-life
  • Appeals to higher value clients i.e. it is not price basedd
  • Positive means of differentiating business from competitors
  • Ideal for advice based businesses
  • Complements existing marketing

This Guide details the steps for launching your own Education Based Marketing campaign. It shows you how to position your business as a specialist on its chosen topics.

AVAILABLE in 2018. The first version has been written for financial planners and is available on this website.