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Small Business Guide to Completing a SWOT Analysis

This Guide has everything for conducting a SWOT Analysis and setting objectives for your business.

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The ‘Small Business Guide to Completing a Business Planning SWOT Analysis’ is more powerful than the traditional SWOT Analysis as it gives you the actual tools to implement change.

The benefits of this 67 page downloadable PDF Guide are;

  • Has been tested and proven by the author on over 100 small to medium sized businesses in dozens of different industries.
  • Contains easy step-by-step instructions for conducting a SWOT Analysis on your total business or its parts e.g. products, operations, investment decisions, etc.
  • Details how to maximise the benefits from a SWOT i.e.;
    • Take advantage of your strengths
    • Overcome weaknesses
    • Grasp opportunities
    • Minimise threats
  • Has 3 checklists of the results of 25 SWOT Analyses of small businesses to identify the key issues for each of the 4 criteria.
  • Lists the key mistakes made by business owners that minimises the effectiveness of a SWOT Analysis.
  • Uses the results of 25 SWOT Analyses conducted on small businesses to create three checklists to identify the issues in your business
  • Has instructions on how to conduct a brainstorming session and set SMART goals.
  • Has instructions and a template for establishing your long-term (3 year) objectives
  • How to resolve your short term issues in 90 days
  • A handout for employees explaing a SWOT Analysis
  • Four worksheets for each of the SWOT Analysis criteria
  • In summary - how to use a SWOT Analysis to dramatically improve the results of your business.

You don’t need to just analyse your business - you need the tools to make positive things happen. This Guide gives you practical information with proven actions to dramatically improve your results and achieve your goals. It is based on over 12 years of business coaching. If you want to make your business more successful, purchase this practical, action oriented guide now.

AVAILABLE NOW for only AUD$19.75 (Australian Dollars Includes GST) - this is a 34% discount off the hard copy price. To buy and download your PDF copy immediately please click here.

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