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Effective Goal Setting Strategies for Financial Planners

FB---00001---A4-Cover---Quick-Guide-QG2B.jpgThe essential goal setting Guide for financial planners

Set a clear direction for your practice and use goal setting to be more effective in managing the business and achieving your long-term objectives. The 'Financial Planner’s QUICK Guide to Goal Setting' is a FREE 31 page PDF download written specifically to assist financial planners. It contains practical action-oriented advice that is based on 2 decades of coaching financial planners to achieve their objectives.

Download PDF immediately - no email address required - click here

This guide covers the essential topics of:

  • How to set effective goals.
  • How to have a "goal focused" practice.
  • SMART goal setting explained.
  • Common goal setting mistakes to avoid.
  • Questionnaire to assess how goal focused your financial planning practice is.
  • How to set strategic objectives and a clear direction for the practice.
  • The types of marketing and operational goals to set.
  • How to use goals as part of the performance management process for employees.
  • Implementing actions for achieving each type of goal.

This comprehensive guide includes the materials you need to set goals for the key areas of your practice. No obligation - just download the PDF document.

AVAILABLE NOW for FREE.is the latest edition (18th June 2017). To immediately download a copy of this PDF document please click here.

ALSO AVAILABLE for FREE is the Financial Planner's Marketing Blueprint. Click here for your PDF copy (22 pages).