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Financial Planner's Guide to Social Media & Internet Marketiing

Is your practice taking advantage of the client and referral opportunities of the Internet and social media?

Guide 3 - Financial Planner's Guide to Social Media and Internet Marketing_Lo Res.jpg

I'm assuming you didn't use a horse and buggy to travel to work today. You used a modern form of transport.

Yet, so many advisers use marketing strategies that are out-of-date and belong in a bygone era. The Internet, social media networks, and digital platforms are where your clients of today and tomorrow are active.

You don't need to be an IT guru to use on-line marketing. But you must understand how the digital age is not only transforming how we market to clients, but also how we communicate with them.

This third marketing Guide for financial planners, explains in straight forward steps how an adviser and practice can establish an effective Internet and social media marketing strategy. This is essential for any advice based professional seeking to acquire new clients and better engage with existing clients.

The Internet is an effective referral source in its own right. At a minimum the practice and its advisers must have profiles and an Internet presence which is a marketing asset to the practice.

This Guide explains the options for effectively marketing a financial planning practice and how each key social media network can be used for reaching target clients. It applies the principles from Influencer Marketing, Drip-feed Marketing and viral distribution of content.

This Guide discusses the key topics of:

  • Effectively engaging your target client niches in the Internet age
  • Social media strategies for financial planners to engage existing clients and develop new networks
  • How to use LinkedIn to develop client and referral opportunities
  • Influencer marketing strategies to grow referrals and publish educational content
  • A questionnaire on how your practice can benefit from social media and Internet marketing
  • The 9 key steps for social media and Internet marketing (each step is a Chapter with a set of actions to implement)
  • Implementation Checklist

This Guide is based on working “hands-on” with financial planners on Internet marketing strategies since 2006. It focuses on the key topcs for ensuring advisers utilise the full marketing power of the Internet to reach new clients and develop additional referral sources.

This Guide is being updated with content from a conference I recently attended in the U.S. It will be available as a PDF download in May 2019 for $32.95 AUD (includes GST). Download Marketing Guides 1, 2 and 4 to prepare your practice for launching the Internet and social media marketing campaigns.