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Financial Planner's Marketing Blueprint

To thrive in the digital age, financial Planners must fully leverage their expertise, knowledge, and experience by creating a strong advice based brand, and sharing content with target clients.

This Blueprint document summarises the 4 key marketing strategies and actions to build a successful financial planning practice. It uses the most up-to-date marketing techniques for engaging existing clients, developing referral sources, and reaching new prospects.Image for Blueprint webpage.jpg

You don’t have to waste hours searching the Internet for marketing ideas – it’s all here!

Click here to obtain your free PDF download of the “Financial Planner's Marketing Blueprint” – 22 pages with no email address required.

The Blueprint can be used as a checklist for assessing the current marketing capabilities of the practice, and establishing its future marketing direction.

Forward thinking advisers are taking advantage of the marketing strategies detailed in this Marketing Blueprint. Based on 20 years of coaching, this approach uses the strategies detailed in the 4 Marketing Guides:

  • Comprehensive Advice Model Statement
  • Detailed target client profiles and advice categories
  • Pricing and practice remuneration
  • Positioning Statement for practice branding and campaign marketing messages
  • Client Value Proposition, Mission Statement and Vision Statement
  • Personal branding for advisers as experts and influencers
  • Internet and social media marketing strategies
  • Drip-feed Marketing and Influencer Marketing strategies
  • Education Based Marketing campaigns, viral distribution and referral strategies

To obtain your free PDF download of the “Financial Planner's Marketing Blueprint” -Click here.